Docs and Testing and Coverage

I tidied up my app today. I decided to scrub the DB and run a new set of seeds then test everything as best I could. This is where I see automated testing is very useful. I really want to get better acquainted with writing tests. However, I also want to finish this curriculum so I can stop paying tuition. I’m slowly building out my testing resources to take a deeper dive into that once I’m done with Flatiron. I think having high code coverage for my projects will make them more impressive to employers. I know TDD is a key thing being done these days so demonstrating I understand how to do it will be a nice touch.

So I just spent about an hour integrating Travis CI and Coveralls into my app. I’m not really sure how Coveralls decides the coverage but apparently, I have 90% coverage with only 4 tests lol. I bet I can get that up higher. I DO want to finish writing tests for my models at least. I don’t think I’ll delve into Capybara testing at all for this. I think some comprehensive model tests will be a good start. I asked in NashDev #javascript about JS testing tools and a lot of people mentioned Jest although it doesn’t do browser testing. was mentioned favorably as well although it appears to be in closed beta. This looked really interesting to me. Also for browser testing Selenium and TestCafe were thrown into the conversation. TestCafe looks cool but It’s also $500 so it better be good haha. I applied to get early access to Cypress so we’ll see how that goes.

Take a look at my app here and leave a comment with bugs, comments or suggestions, please.

Time spent today: 3:57
Time spent total: 321:05
Lessons completed today: 1
Lessons completed total: 519