Demo Day & Join the FBI?

I’m exhausted tonight. Been working mainly on more Active Record Associations. More complex ones than before I would assume to get in practice for later labs. Foreign key and Class Name Active Record class methods to be exact if you’re looking for some light reading lol.

I attended an Alumni career fair at my alma mater Belmont University today which was interesting. I never attended one as an undergrad so the whole, drop your resume off on as many tables as possible, was lost on me. I did get a chance to chat with more than a few HR people and get some leads. Nobody was actively hiring Junior Developers but I’m not job ready yet so that’s fine. I’m getting on the radar and will follow up with all of them tomorrow when I can actually type without errors. Also, the FBI recruiter informed me I should apply to be an Intelligence Analyst.

The more fun thing I did today was attend The Iron Yard‘s Spring Demo Day for their current graduating class. It was fun to see people’s projects and learn more about how they built them. I saw some neat stuff. It was also interesting how The Iron Yard splits their students into Front End and Back End tracks then have them work together on their final projects. A few of the guys I met said they might attend the FCC meetup on May 6th so I look forward to that.

Time spent today: 1:30
Time spent total: 221:31
Lessons completed today: 2
Lessons completed total: 449