Day 3

Don’t think I need to announce what day it is anymore, lol. I think I’ve got my morning routine down now. Alarms go off at 6 am and I’m out of bed by 6:15 am typically. Coffee is done brewing by the time I get downstairs. Feed the dog and make my coffee (ghee is my only additive right now but I’ll get back to Bulletproof Coffee at some point using Brain Octaneâ„¢ Oil). I then do my Daily Limber from Gymnastic Bodies. Follow that up with some journaling which right now is a version of the The Five Minute Journal that I have copied into Evernote and added to. I created a template note then duplicate that note every morning and change the title to the date. You can find the template here if you want to use it. After that I meditate for about 5 minutes. Depending on the day I may walk the dog now or later (I did today because thunderstorms were approaching). This gets me to about 7 am when I start coding until the kids wake up. I think I’ll keep this format for now.

Only news from my morning coding session is that it got cut short because of this:
It seems like I’m linking a lot of tools lol. If you’re wondering how I got that notification from my phone on my computer it’s an app called Pushbullet.

Got back to it and moving closer and closer to a Tic Tac Toe game built in Ruby. Something that I definitely made sure to add to my notes for reference later is:
In Ruby only false and nil are falsey. Everything else is truthy (yes, even 0 is truthy).
This is a great one liner to remember that there are only two things that return false in Ruby.

I also learned a lot more about Test Driven Development (which I know is BIG in real life).

Test Driven Development, is a method for approaching a problem not through the implementation of the solution, but through the expectations of a working solution. Instead of trying to write the code that solves the problem, you first define what the working code will do when it works, and then you write the implementation to make it work.

Can’t wait to finish off this section and have my working Tic Tac Toe project to share.

This made me chuckle only because I guess most people do this program part time so hitting the top of this “velocity” meter is a goal.

Time spent today: 3:22
Time spent total: 9:41
Lessons completed today: 28