Day 29

Polished off the SQL tonight and I have to say it was more in depth than I thought it would be. It’s one of those things that is hard to visualize being new to it. When the tables are laid out in a grid it all makes sense but just trying to do it all in your head is confusing, even for me. I’m sure if I was doing it every day it would be much more intuitive but right now I’m still a little fuzzy on keeping track of the data I’m looking for through multiple JOINS.

I started on ORM (Object Relational Mapping) tonight but only got through the first lesson and lab before calling it. I’m seeing how it all connects through to store data persistently. The main thing being this:

An ORM is really just a concept. It is a design pattern, a conventional way for us to organize our programs when we want those programs to connect to a database. The convention is this:

When “mapping” our program to a database, we equate classes with database tables and instances of those classes with table rows.

This overview really makes it simple to think about the objects I’ve been working with and how they’ll be stored and retrieved.

I’ve realized my 7 lessons/labs per day is pretty ambitious. Especially on these days when I work for ~3 hours. I think I can make up the rest on my LONG weekend coding sessions if I actually get 10+ hours in on Saturday and Sunday. We’ll see.

Time spent today: 3:20
Time spent total: 127:41
Lessons completed today: 3
Lessons completed total: 310