Day 2

Another day, more code. However, now I have the full bootcamp track! This is what I was waiting for:
I also started tracking my time using Toggl solely because I was interested in exactly how long this bootcamp is going to take. Well, that and yesterday my wife asked me how much time I got to spend on school so now I’ll know. Started on some Ruby this morning and also learned that career placement starts when 75% of the curriculum is done (after Rails is complete). This makes sense as the Flatiron path takes me through a bunch in the Ruby ecosystem then on the back end teaches React and Node.js. I had been thinking to myself, once I was done with all the Ruby learning and started working on the JS portion of the curriculum I could start searching for Ruby jobs.

Quote from this morning that stuck with me:

This is one of the best parts of programming: debugging and fixing errors. It’s like you’re a detective solving a crime. The only bad thing is that more often than not, you’re also the criminal that caused the error in the first place.

Now the end of the day and lots more Ruby is in my brain. The thing that is sticking the most (besides the code) is how similar JS & Ruby are. I now understand more why most seasoned developers say it doesn’t matter what language you learn first, just stick with one and learn it. Lots of the concepts are exactly the same across languages the syntax is the only difference. If you can learn a development language then you can learn where to put a semicolon or parenthesis.

Today Flatiron also started migrating their chat feature back to Slack. Apparently they tried to build their own chat into their learning platform but decided that Slack was a better option. Makes sense as Slack does it well. It’ll be a long time before they get anywhere near the user limit that Free Code Camp hit back in the day. Yes, there is a limit to the number of users a Slack channel can have and you can read about it here. I actually don’t know if this is still true and honestly don’t care enough to find out.

Something new I’m going to add every day is a short update at the end of the post (I’m guessing 4 hours of work done yesterday):
Time spent today: 2:18
Time spent total: 6:18
Lessons completed today: 25

Until tomorrow.