Day 16

I completely missed my 6am wake up this morning. I realized I didn’t reset my alarm from Sunday night. Since I was up until 1am Sunday night I changed my alarm so I could get more sleep. However, thinking about it now having finished tonight at 11pm instead of 10pm I think I’ll keep it this way. No matter what I know after 8pm I can be productive. My wife is home and the kids are supposed to be in bed. Whereas in the morning if the baby isn’t happy or one of the toddlers decides that 7am is a good time to wake up I’m stuck and just lose that coding time. I also think this will be more effective as the labs and projects get more in-depth. A longer time will allow me to get in and tackle a problem that only an hour might not.

Not much to report today except I’m done with Object Relationship and will be starting Object Architecture tomorrow. I have noticed that things are getting repeated to let them sink in and produce some muscle memory. Even if that muscle is the brain. So there will be a video lecture that will be something being built and being explained as it’s built (or be a Q&A while it was happening), then a lesson showing step by step how the same thing is built, then a lab where you do what was just taught verbatim, and do it one more time non-verbatim but the exact same thing.

I’m 17 lessons/labs away from my first projects! That gets me so invigorated to just crush these next few labs and to start building. I can’t wait to have some stuff to show off and add to my portfolio.

Time spent today: 2:26
Time spent total: 73:26
Lessons completed today: 4
Lessons completed total: 264