Day 14

I promise a good blog post soon. It’s almost 1 am after a LONG pair programming session, thanks Mike! We did, however, figure out a hard lab. I would’ve been struggling with it for sure. It’s not as ambiguous as it could be and we didn’t break down our methods as much as we could. However, we got all 15 tests passing and learned some new methods along the way. Specifically, the Dir class methods. Mike also showed me that there’s a solution branch to all of the labs on GitHub which I never knew about. I guess it says something that I’ve made it so far so quickly and never looked at a solution. However, there can be knowledge gained from refactoring with new knowledge based on what the school thinks is the best code for the problem.

I do have “homework” from Mike too (some things he has learned recently that I’m not knowledgeable on). Specifically, ||= &. and .tap.

Time spent today: 11:09
Time spent total: 67:43
Lessons completed today: 11
Lessons completed total: 258