Books You Must Read

I’ve been working hard to continually fill my mind with knowledge. Through the images I see, the words I read, and the way I think. This is a transformation that is taking a long time and I believe I will continue to work on throughout my life. As I find things that I consider essential to my own success I will share them here. These are not business or programs. They are books. Different from my recommendations¬†which are found on this site. So check back in often. I try to read a chapter a day in whatever book I’m currently reading. So depending on the book it takes me shorter or longer to complete. After I’m done I’ll link to it here if I feel it’s worth it. I won’t go into a review of the book (or maybe I will at some point, I don’t know) as they are easy to find online. Take a look and I encourage you to click through and purchase these books for your own library.