Back to JavaScript

So I’m back in JavaScript world again. Since I had done a lot of the intro stuff during my Bootcamp Prep work I spent tonight mostly skimming over everything I already had done to remind my mind how to think JS. I have to say, it didn’t come back quickly when I was reading it. The first lab I worked on, well the only lab I worked on, was slow. However, the functions and syntax came quickly. I feel good now that I’m done for the night. Like my brain is back to JS somewhat. I didn’t get the lab completed which was a bummer. I can look at how simple it is and know that I would have finished it in the same amount of time in Ruby but that’s fine. It’ll come quickly. The biggest thing is I know how to solve these problems better now. I just need to find equivalent functions in JS to get done what I need.

One thing I spent some time on was figuring out how to access a local “JS playground” in the terminal. It’s just easier to hit a key combo and pop into the terminal in my IDE and test than to switch over to the browser. It took asking and some searching but I finally came up with running node to bring up a repl (pretty sure I can’t explain this so read the Wikipedia and be more confused). Also, to exit out of it process.exit() is used. This was a nice find because I was spoiled by IRB, Pry, byebug and such in Ruby.

I didn’t technically finish any lessons tonight but I felt like I got a lot done.

Time spent today: 2:23
Time spent total: 323:28
Lessons completed today: 0
Lessons completed total: 519