Ausante – Is Green Really The New Gold?

ausante_logoA new network marketing company has come onto the scene and they go by the name of Ausante. As with any new company people want to know “Is this legit?” or is this another company that is going to burn me and give real network marketing companies a continued bad name. So let’s break them down.

Ausante is based in Wilmington, Delaware and they sell carbon credits (or offsets). Carbon credits are standardized international units of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere by activities like planting trees. A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for or to offset an emission made elsewhere. It is a novel idea and most people would rather pay someone else to clean up after them than actually change how they live day to day. This is what carbon offsets bank on. For more information on carbon offsets visit Oversy.

The basic Ausante personal pack is $320 and is suppose to be enough to offset one person for one year. That breaks down to a little less than $27/month, however, there is no payment plan.

To become an Ausante Consultant, you need to either sell 20 Ausante Carbon Credits in 1 calendar month or purchase a package for your own carbon offsetting requirements. The company has a hybrid comp plan, and consultants earn retail commissions, rewards on their personal referrals, matching bonuses, and “Global Income” on the sales of consultants in their down line.

They state they have six streams of income. I could not find a comprehensive Compensation Plan so I cannot speak on what each one of these is or how much one could make from each:

  1. Retail and Wholesale Profit
  2. Referral Bonus
  3. Coded Referral Bonus
  4. Associate Team Rewards
  5. Matching Bonus
  6. Infinity Override Bonus
  7. Loyalty Bonus

I do think that Ausante is a legitimate network marketing company. However, with such a niche product I think it may be a risk for a new person in this industry to join. The main argument people always get is that network marketing is a “pyramid scheme” and with Ausante people may legitimately believe that. The service they offer is legitimate, however, without having something tangible to see or hold how can a consumer decide to trust this company with their hard earned money in the current economic climate? Most people who are going “green” are having the satisfaction of doing it on their own. Buying CFL light bulbs, hybrid cars, recycling, and the like. I believe most people will choose to take $320 and plant their own tree in their community than hope that a company is going to do it for them.

I may be wrong though. Only time will tell if Ausante has a sustainable business model or if it will fall to the wayside. Be overloaded with top level members who think it is an amazing business but then never be able to sell the product to consumers.