An Ambit Energy Review

ambit energy reviewAmbit Energy Review: Business Regulation

This is a topic that is always open for heated discussion. However, the two sides of this particular coin have valid and substantive points, which is why the idea of regulating how a business operates is always going to continue perplexing the world. Energy is what drives society and every aspect of our lives. Since the deregulation of the energy industry, we have witnessed smaller independent energy companies springing up around the country and Ambit Energy is one of them. That is why things like an Ambit Energy review are a must these days.

Ambit Energy is the brainchild of two individuals that came together over lunch. These two people saw an opportunity to enter into the energy industry, with a proven and effective business model that has been the pillar of society since trade began. That is direct sales. It all began in 2006 with Chris Chambliss and Jere Thompson. They saw the deregulation as a way to provide affordable energy and found the perfect way.

Ambit Energy Review: The Growth

Between their humble beginning and the year 2009, they earned a bit over $300 million. This got them noticed and called the quickest growing company that was privately held in the state of Texas. This distinction was held in the following year, 2010, and in 2011, Ambit Energy was recognized by J.D. Powers and Associates for having the highest positive reviews and recommendations between families, co-workers, and friends. Every Ambit Energy review was positive and being compounded by reputable recognition.

This set Ambit Energy far apart from their competitors in the independent energy provider industry. To this day, they still operate out of the original location in Dallas, Texas, working in the humble settings of a folding table and chair at a desk and a desktop computer as their tool. Ambit Energy customer service has the distinction of having one of the highest ratings in the industry. They attribute this to the account management and billing system developed by BlueNet™.

Ambit Energy Review: The Approach

During the first years in the growth, they were placed at the top in the editorial eyes of the Inc. 500 magazine’s list of fastest growing companies. This happened because of the direct sales method they apply. In 2013, they have reached over a million active, satisfied customers with operations in 14 states. Naturally, there is always going to be unhappy people with the service from any given company and Ambit Energy is no different in that respect. There are few Ambit Energy problems in comparison to others in the industry. Whoever said you can’t please everyone all the time, but you can please some hit the nail on the head, so to speak.

However, Ambit Energy has more satisfied customers than their competitors in the retail energy market. The reason behind this fact is that they are focused on satisfaction and service, while profit is still a major player for all businesses Ambit Energy believes that profit comes through happy and content customers. They do this through providing an easy means for them to resolve billing issues through a top rated account billing and management system and having a prompt courteous customer support team that can help alleviate any problem that can arise.

Ambit Energy Review: Conclusion

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Seth Alexander