90 Days Goes Fast in the Dev World

Zero lessons or labs done yesterday. Had an impromptu dinner at the in-laws and when my wife and I got home we decided to spend some time with the neighbors talking. That turned into a great evening or wine, scotch, and conversation until 4am. I did, however, read You Don’t Know JS in the car on the way to and from dinner so I did some learning. I got through the first book, Up & Going, and was able to start the second book, Scope & Closures. If I can keep up the consistent reading I think this book series will really help level up my JS knowledge as I learn and implement things in my learning alongside the book’s teaching. Like, I did Closure labs today and I was reading about Closures in the book. I also decided to read this book series because no matter language I end up being employed to do web development in I’m going to encounter JavaScript. So it makes sense to understand it very well.

I’ve found that I’m moving through JS at a good pace. Things are clicking and I’m not getting too stuck in any one place. We’ll see what happens the first time the “training wheels” come off though. I specifically took notes on two things today.

Arrow Functions

// Arrow Functions
// With multiple arguments
let arrowFunction = (arg1, arg2) => {
  // Do Something
// With one argument
let arrowFunction = oneArg => {
  // Do Something

// All arrow functions are anonymous
function iHaveAName () {}
> iHaveAName.name
> 'iHaveAName'
// versus
> (() => {}).name
> ''

Object Destructuring

let obj = {a:1, b:2, c:3}
let {a, b, c} = obj

I’m still not 100% on Object Destructuring but that’s why I added it to my notes. It makes sense why it was implemented and seems kind of like mass assignment in Ruby. However, I’m trying not to relate things too much between Ruby and JS because they fundamentally work differently. It’ll just end up causing me confusion in the end.

I’m happy with my progress today. Hopefully, I can make it through another 14 tomorrow and be in a good position to hit the 75% mark before the end of the month. We’ll see.

Time spent today: 8:10
Time spent total: 339:10
Lessons completed today: 14
Lessons completed total: 546