Define Thriving, A Le-Vel Guide

define thrivingWhen you define thriving what comes to mind first?

This is a good question when asking to define thriving, specifically if you have never heard of the product named Thrive. The product is produced by a firm that will define thriving as the effects that are felt when using their products. The products are for weight and pain management, the system of consumption is designed around changing lifestyles. The most common explanation of how to define thriving is to look up what it says in your dictionary.

Thus, a Thrive dictionary definition will define thriving as a result of being prosperous and strong, or good health. There are other similar verbs that describe the same thing such as flourishing, or actions such as making steady progress. However you look at it, when you try the product called Thrive, the changes in your overall mood, general health, and energy level can and will astound you.

Changing Your Lifestyle Helps Define Thriving in a New Light

This is something that most everybody wishes he or she had the drive to do. That is to change their lifestyle in a positive direction. Let’s face it if you feel as if your life is going nowhere fast and your health is getting ignored because of a career, it seems that this is an indication that something has to change. No matter how you define your lifestyle, there is always room for change. Thriving, regardless of how we define it comes in many levels and in many forms.

In order to define thriving as the company, Le-Vel, who produces the product line by the name of Thrive, a person would have to join their network of satisfied customers and sales representatives. What this means is joining the thriving community that involved using the thrive diet to help define a prescribed pain management or weight management system that works wonders.

What Others May Say

Not matter how anyone defines his or her thriving experience it will be and is different for everybody. This is similar to the fact that not everyone sees or hears the same thing when listening to a political speech. Our own perceptions get in the way, which means we all have our own version of a given experience. This is why some people define thriving as a great experience and others call what Le-Vel sees as revolutionary, a scam. This opinion comes from individuals that may not have discussed the use of the product with a physician before trying it, which resulted in an allergic reaction or they failed as a distributor, because of a lack of training, or not listening to a trainer, or just not having the desire, the know how, or the drive to succeed.

Le-Vel is building a brand and they are having great success. The company is an MLM, which focuses on building lasting relationships with their customers through their distributors. Without the success of the many individuals who are living proof of the benefits that the Le-Vel products can and do supply there would still be only one definition of the word.

Define Thriving as a Personal Success

Le-Vel, the company that produces Thrive, is a network marketing business. Like all network marketing businesses there is success to be had if a person has the drive and tools to succeed. There truly is a formula for network marketing success even if people tell you there isn’t. If you want to define Thriving in your life as success the number one thing you need to do is generate leads and leverage the power of the internet. Biz Builder Academy shows you exactly how to do this on a daily basis. Learning from top industry pros and building a business based not around your “warm market” but people who are primed and ready to make a living with Le-Vel. Make sure you define Thriving as success by learning these lessons from me now, I’ll see you on the other side.

Seth Alexander

A Oriflame USA Review, Is It Worth It?

oriflame usa reviewOriflame USA Review: Who are the Consultants?

Let’s face it, for a company that sells cosmetics it makes perfect sense that women are the driving force behind all the sales that Oriflame enjoys. The fact that they are in the international market, Oriflame UK and Oriflame India to name a couple, states that, since their creation in 1967, their business, and compensation models work. However, and sadly enough not all of the worlds social structures support the idea behind putting women in the work place or letting them have any power at all.

A good example that any Oriflame USA review should mention is the fact is an incident that took place in Tehran in 2010. The Iranian government forcibly shut down the Oriflame business office under the pretense of running an illegal business model, as reported by the government controlled Iranian radio stations and newspaper, to no surprise, which reported in an article that portrayed the business as a staunch supporter of the present government’s opposition. Truth be known, the political and religious climate of that country does not agree to equal rights for their people unless they are Male. This makes the detainment of the female employees, who hold positions of power within the company that were earning a living on their own, a blow for women’s and human rights directly.

Oriflame USA Review: On to Something Brighter

While the incident in Iran is Oriflame history, it teaches us that there are places certain business models are not welcome, and at the same time, it shows us how easy it is to take our own situations for granted. Nevertheless, Oriflame marches on to create and empower their consultants with a powerful direct sales model that proves itself over and over to those individuals that have the drive and desire to succeed.

However, this Oriflame USA review has very little to report about Oriflame other than they have continued to reach for the top in direct sales. According to, a Oriflame USA review shows that the US division of the company ranks 24th when it comes to popularity, which puts them in the top 3% on the register. This is out of a total of 851 registered direct sales companies. The main reason for this is their quality products that Oriflame cosmetic puts out. Their distribution model is designed to focus on in-home parties and online sales through repeat customers.

Oriflame USA 2014

This year Oriflame is sponsoring a company wide conference that will take place on a sea cruise around the Mediterranean. Naturally, in order to participate there are sales goals that consultants must meet certain criteria. Nonetheless, this is an example of the type of activities that Oriflame offers and gives willingly to those who can stand apart from the average and who have no trouble reaching company goals or surpassing their own, personal, goals to get recognized by their peers.

Any Oriflame USA review will show that we all understand that this type of recognition or activity is not uncommon with MLM business models. It is purely a tactic to drive sales and motivate their Oriflame consultants. It works and causes everybody to earn and enjoy the products and the people that they meet along the way.

Oriflame USA Review: A Guaranteed Success?

While there are a number of ways to be successful in a network marketing biz like this Oriflame USA review talks about, an important thing is a steady stream of leads to show the products and business to. With Biz Builder University anyone can learn how to use the internet to generate tons of laser targeted leads every day. This is the same system that industry leaders use on a daily basis. Make sure you learn from this Oriflame USA review and make leads a priority in your successful business.

Seth Alexander

A True Lia Sophia Review

lia sophia reviewLia Sophia Review: The Company

Upon doing a Lia Sophia review we find out that the company has been around a bit over twenty-five years now and is still going strong. Its founder is Victor Kiam the man that bought Remington, the company that manufactured electric shavers. Nevertheless, Lia Sophia is owned and operated now by Tory and Elena Kiam who continue to drive the company forward. Their products are fashion jewelry for every occasion. Additionally, it is a direct sales business where the sales associates partner with a hostess to sell their jewelry.

The parties are a great atmosphere of fun and excitement that facilitate not only sales but is a place and a reason to recruit new associates, called advisers, into the company. Lia Sophia’s target market is women who want to do more with their lives and become financially independent. A word of caution here, direct sales is not for everyone. It takes a special breed of people to make a decent living as a sale associate for any company. It takes the ability to provide self-motivation through a strong desire to succeed.

Lia Sophia Review: They are socially responsible

Any company that can speak freely about what they give back to their community should be commended. In their California logistics location the basic concept is safety and realistic labor practices, which sounds funny coming from a warehouse management team. Management at Lia Sophia decided to hold their suppliers accountable and began enforcing their own code of conduct aimed at protecting employees from adverse exploitation in the work place.

In other words, Lia Sophia jewelry are not manufactured in a sweatshop run by a totalitarian management team. What this means is that all of their suppliers must certify that they pay a fair wage and treat their workers in the same manner. The supply-chain management team is trained to identify any suspicious activities that may resemble illegal entrapment of any kind.

A Lia Sophia review shows that in addition to enforcing fair and safe working environments, Lia Sophia also ensures that they reduce their carbon footprint by utilizing environmentally safe packing materials when shipping their products. All this makes a big statement about how much they care.

Lia Sophia Review: It is all about Family

A Lia Sophia review shows that their philosophy is the driving force behind their success. They wanted to build an empowered network of entrepreneurial women and they have succeeded in doing so. This puts women at the heart of the company.

Victor Kiam, felt strongly enough to name the company after his two grand daughters, Lia and Sophia. Tory his son keeps the dream going working with his wife Elina and making sure that every adviser and host is considered as family and is met with the respect that comes with being part of this multi-national business. They are members of the DSA (Direct Sales Association), the BBB, and are accredited by Consumer Affairs, in addition to holding a membership with the Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Trade Association (FJATA).

In most cases, as can be seen by this Lia Sophia review, anyone who joins the family will immediately find a home where they can grow and bring their dreams to life.

Lia Sophia Review: Guaranteed Success?

While there are a number of ways to be successful in a direct sales business like Lia Sophia an important thing is a steady stream of leads to show the products and business to. With Biz Builder University anyone can learn how to use the internet to generate tons of laser targeted leads every day. This is the same system that six and seven figure earners use on a daily basis. Make sure you learn from this Lia Sophia review and make leads a priority in your successful business.

Seth Alexander


An Unbiased Legalshield Review?

legalshield reviewLegalShield Review: It is a prepaid legal aide

An initial LegalShield review shows that it is a collection of law firms. What they do is provide families with legal aide that cannot otherwise afford to retain a law office because of the expense. If, for any reason, there is a need for representation in a legal matter this is a great program that is affordable through low monthly payments. In addition, the availability is in forty-nine states and in Canada, where LegalShield representation is present in four provinces.

If one does a LegalShield review of the membership plans that are offered they find that they cover identity theft, small business, and most types of personal concerns where legal aide is helpful. Naturally, these are things such as divorce, real estate, and traffic violations. Furthermore, the plans cover monitoring and reporting credit along with an analysis of your credit and help with restoring credit should a theft occur that damages a good rating. As for where small business is concerned, anything pertaining to common questions, to aid in putting together a viable business plan that covers all legal issues with starting a business.

LegalShield Review: The Way it Works

Once you become a member, a local law office will contact you to check for any immediate need for representation. If there is then this is the time to discuss the issues along with probable outcomes should there be a need to move forward. If a member is married and has a family with children under the age of eighteen all are covered under one plan. The plan additionally covers children of any age that may be challenged in any manner. Furthermore, if the need for a defensive trial lawyer arises the coverage is limited to the member and or spouse depending on which state the member resides.

LegalShield is as good as having a great life insurance policy that covers everything under the sun. You never know when or if you will ever have the need to contact a lawyer. This is what makes LegalShield advantageous because you have a prepaid attorney. It is through the affordability they provide with their partnerships with local law offices all over the country, and in Canada, which are monitored for reliability and responsiveness to their members. This way LegalShield ensures the quality of their service is second to none.

LegalShield Review: The Opportunity

There are two different ways to become a representative for LegalShield. The first one is to become a sales associate selling the plans to individuals, and the other opportunity is to become a broker-agent. This is where you can sell to groups such as employees of a business. LegalShield will provide massive support to either position. However, with the broker-agent they provide marketing material, along with other tools to help facilitate success.

What this means is, that as a LegalShield sale associate/broker-agent the position is a direct sales proposition that can become quite rewarding for the individual that has the drive and desire to succeed using this type of business model. LegalShield has over forty years in the business of supplying affordable legal aid, which makes this type of opportunity unique and helpful to the communities where they reside.

LegalShield Review: Success Plan

While there are multiple ways to be successful in an MLM business like LegalShield the most important thing is a steady stream of leads to show the products and business to. Through Biz Builder University anyone can learn how to leverage the internet to generate laser targeted leads on a daily basis. This is the same system that six and seven figure earners in the industry use daily. Make sure you learn from this LegalShield review and make leads a priority in your business.

Seth Alexander

The DoTerra Earth Essence Review

doterra earth essence reviewDoTerra Earth Essence Review: In the News

Any DoTerra Earth Essence Review must mention that the company is willing to give back to the community. DoTerra did just that as a response to the earthquake that hit Japan in 2011. Sure, it wasn’t yesterday, still, it shows how DoTerra Earth Essence sees its role as a business. They donated two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to the earthquake relief fund. It is this kind of commitment to humanity that makes DoTerra Earth Essence a company to watch and invest in.

The products that DoTerra Earth Essence produces are pharmaceutical grade and exceed the standards set by the Natural Products Association. What they donated to the relief fund was their On-Guard Protective Blend, DigestZen digestive blend, Lemon essential oil, On-Guard hand sanitizing wipes, and their Melaleuca essential oil. They picked these products because they feel that they were ideal for the situation and a DoTerra Earth Essence Review of the products would concur.

DoTerra Earth Essence Review: Their Standings

In recent months, DoTerra Earth Essence has risen to the number twelve spot on the ranking list. Additionally, their growth is an indication of the amount of public interest, which is seen as a little over 20%, resulting in their present ranking on the website. It would seem that the pushing force behind this is the quality of their products and the image of the company.

Perception is everything, as we all know and understand. How they get the attention is by acting and presenting themselves as professional in a field of business that is littered with highly questionable individuals with less than acceptable ethics or morals. Direct sales are a people business and the more people contacted the greater the chance there is in making a sale. Just like any direct sales business if you look hard enough you can find a negative DoTerra Earth Essence review or two. Chalk those up to people who did not want to work hard enough to succeed.

DoTerra Earth Essence Review: What sets them Apart?

What makes or breaks a company running this type of model is what happens after the sale. That’s right, it means customer service and, follow up by the sales consultant/associate with the customer. In addition to this is the creation of the Healing Hands Foundation the registered non-profit organization.

The mission behind this organization is to empower people by providing them with the tools to become self-sustaining and free from poverty. The function that the DoTerra International office serves is as the administrator of the foundation, which leaves the foundation to distribute all of the donations that they receive from around the globe.

DoTerra Earth Essence Review: 2014

At their Health and Wellness convention this year, they unveiled fourteen new products to their already extensive line. The new line of oil infused items and essential oils enables individuals to actively, participate in their own well being and health. This is a result, from the amount of recognition that products, such as the DoTerra Earth Essence brand, have had and the impact of their use.

According to Rob Young, the EVP of  Marketing, people all over, have been gaining an education on how using essential oil is beneficial because of the health promoting properties and the ease of application and use. This is what makes the release of this new line of products so important.

DoTerra Earth Essence Review: The Conclusion

While there are multiple ways to be a success in a MLM business like DoTera Earth Essence the most important thing is a steady stream of leads to show the products and business to. Through Biz Builder University anyone can learn how to leverage the power of the internet to generate hundreds of laser targeted interested leads on a daily basis. This is not a fly by night system but the number one system that six and seven figure earners in the industry use daily. Make sure you learn something from this DoTerra Earth Essence review, that is to be successful you will need leads.

Seth Alexander

Why do a Primerica review?

primerica reviewPrimerica Review: the Company

Primerica review shows that actually did not get its start until 1982, so, anyone who tries to say different has been mislead and needs to do their own Primerica review to learn the truth. Their parent company began in 1977 by a person by the name of A. L. Williams who started a financial services business in 1977 he called A.L. Williams & Associates. What came next was after a few mergers and acquisitions a company called American Can, ended up with the rights to name their new company, which was born out of its merge with two different companies, Penn Corp & MILCO, (under contract with A.L. Williams), who were a financial service provider and an underwriting firm, respectively, Primerica in 1982.

It was after that when Primerica purchased what was later to become their sister company partnered with Citigroup, this was Smith Barney. During the time between 1982 and 1990, the parent company was A.L. Williams & Associates. However, in 91’ Primerica, after some strategic stock purchasing maneuvers ended up owning A.L. Williams thus changing its name to Primerica. What Mr. Williams started with was selling term Primerica life insurance on a mass scale. The target market was then, and still is middle-income families throughout the North American continent and Puerto Rico. Additionally, the business model they implemented was direct sales.

Primerica Complaints?

It is amazing how many direct sales companies come under the gun, so to speak, as a scam and a con game. This cane be seen in many a Primerica review around the web. If one looks deep enough into all of the complaints a pattern will begin to emerge that, in the end is not such a surprise. This epiphany is pretty much applicable to all direct sales MLM’s. The reason is simple, this line of work is not for everyone. Therefore, not everyone who tries to build his or her own business is successful. Specifically, if they think this type of business model is a fast tract to build personal wealth and financial freedom.

The best way to earn a living with a direct sales or MLM is to know and understand that sales, regardless of what the item or service is, is all a numbers game. We begin first, in most cases, by contacting all of our friends and family. What happens next is the attempt to build leads, and this is where most people fail miserably. That being stated, here is the where, when, and why MLM’s get the complaints as being scams. It all comes down to having the knack to talk to people and knowing how to market a business.

Primerica Review: Is it for You?

The more people that are engaged with a business proposition the greater the chances are for a sale. There really is no short cut to success it will always take longer hours, dedication of purpose, which translates into hard work. A person has to want to succeed no matter what. The one thing that does matter and has to take place is an individual, wanting to become part of the Primerica team, needs to become licensed as a financial broker. Primerica is a worthwhile investment and a person can earn living. It is not a scam or a pyramid it is an MLM.

A Primerica Review Conclusion

While there are multiple ways to be a success in a MLM business like Primerica the most important thing is a steady stream of leads to show the products and business to. Through Biz Builder University anyone can learn how to leverage the power of the internet to generate hundreds of laser targeted interested leads on a daily basis. This is not a fly by night system but the number one system that six and seven figure earners in the industry use daily. Make sure you learn something from this Primerica review, that is to be successful you will need leads.

Seth Alexander

A Younique Review of Yourself

younique review

Younique Review: The Company

A Younique review finds that this is another business that began in Utah with a brother and sister whose dream was to facilitate a path for women so they can move forward by becoming empowered through personal growth. They started in 2012, which by this time Derek Maxfield was already recognized as a highly successful entrepreneur because of a software company he started in 2003 after graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in computer science. The sister, Melanie Huscraft, earned her education by attending Boise State University and Ricks College where she gained an extensive background in Marketing, Advertising, and Art. After sixteen years as a homemaker Melanie was hungry to get back at selling, then came Younique.

A Younique review shows that it is the combination of Derek’s experience running a highly successful software company, and Melanie’s passion for marketing, creativity along with her sales experience that drives Younique into the top tier of direct sales companies. They are doing this by providing a product line that enables a rise in the self-esteem of the people who are successful at making sales in addition to those individuals who buy and use their products. The Younique products are cosmetics that are scientifically designed to leave out the junk that is found in other makeup products that are similar. Things like the Younique 3D fiber eyelashes.

Younique Review: What Makes Younique one of a Kind?

Not all direct sales companies that are similar to Younique are equal. The biggest difference between most are how they pay their representatives, and whether or not they show some level of social responsibility. While Younique claims that their products a scientifically designed to contain both man made and natural ingredients their products are still unregulated. This is probably due to the age of their company or they have not tried to certify their products. In any case they have a long list of satisfied customers, which is growing daily be leaps and bounds. A quick internet search reveals many Younique reviews showing satisfied customers.

Naturally, the philosophy that Derek and Melanie operate under is one of validation and empowerment aimed at helping women around the world look and feel better about themselves. This happens through personal growth and entrepreneurship as a Younique presenter. Their product line covers an array from eye makeup, lips, and facial care products. Let us not leave out the application tools available. The one aspect of how they run their business is their guarantee.

In my research into direct sales companies, there are not many that will put a guarantee on their website. Younique has and it looks quite fair. They have a three-tier system starting at fourteen days from purchase extending out to as late as ninety days from purchase/receiving your product.

What this means is you can exchange an item for another of equal value or credit, or get up to eighty percent back on the purchase price of your Younique product. Naturally, less any shipping or handling. Nevertheless, you do not see this kind of information on many direct sales websites at all. This shows that they want happy customers and work hard to ensure they remain that way.

Just a thought

What is it that drives us to look the best that we can? Any Younique review must ask this question because it is what truly drives Younique presenters. People will as is Younique a good business? However, they will fail to ask if they understand what drives people to buy the Younique products. If a person understands what drives the sales of things like the city lash then they will succeed with Younique as long as they have people to show the products to. A thorough Younique review and understanding of the customer base is a key to success with the company.

A Younique Review Conclusion

While there are multiple ways to be a success in a direct sales business like Younique the most important thing is a steady stream of leads to show the products and business to. Through Biz Builder University anyone can learn how to leverage the power of the internet to generate hundreds of laser targeted interested leads on a daily basis. This is not a fly by night system but the number one system that six and seven figure earners in the industry use daily. Make sure you learn something from this Younique review, that is to be successful you will need leads.

Seth Alexander