Are You Ready for an MLM Business Opportunity

mlm business opportunityMLM Business Opportunity is knocking at Your Door

Let me begin first with the following idea that if you think of something and believe with conviction and desire it will come into fruition. Now there are all different ways to convey this message, however, the meaning never changes. Napoleon Hill said it best, “what the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” The questions become now,

  • What will indicate when you have reached your definition of success?
  • What will it feel like?
  • What will things taste like?
  • Will your lifestyle look the way you wish?
  • What smells will you associate with your success?

Everybody has their own definition, however, let me put this idea forward, success, regardless of the definition, is a path, not the end of a journey. I will say this again, “Success is a path not an end of a journey.” How does this equate to an MLM business opportunity?

The MLM Business Opportunity Answer

All MLM business opportunity’s begin with a single individual having a dream and that dream is to sell a quality product, promote a brand, and lastly to build a down-line customer/promoter constituency. This will result in them becoming a successful business manager as well as earning multiple avenues of revenue through getting a percentage of the sale generated by those who join through their recruiting efforts.

One thing to consider when entering into any sales position, specifically new MLM business opportunities, is, are you willing to do whatever it takes, within reason, to work hard to achieve the goals set forth by the company as well as those you set for yourself? The trouble I have seen is not everyone believes in the product/brand. This is the biggest and hardest hurdle to overcome. This is because in order to become a good salesperson the person has to believe in the product, brand, or service. Otherwise, sadly enough, they are just spinning their wheels in mud and making a mess of their own lives.

Looking to the Future with an MLM Business Opportunity

Let’s face facts not everybody is cut out to make a living as in sales, more importantly with an MLM business opportunity. It is a numbers game, the more people a salesperson connects with the greater chances they will have at making a sale. The next step is building a relationship with those people that buy. What this means is it is great to sell 100 widgets to new customers on a daily basis, it is even greater if they return to buy more.

This does not always occur and it is because the salesperson failed. It starts with rapport, which results in trust, which turns into a friendly bond because the salesperson can fulfill a need this is the beginning of a sale. What keeps them coming back is taking an interest in their lives and a continued effort to maintain and build trust through a commitment to ensure the customer’s satisfaction.

The MLM Business Opportunity Success Formula

Anyone who tells you there is not a formula for being successful and any home based MLM business opportunity does not know what they are talking about. The formula is this: find a great product or service that you are passionate about that has a mlm business opportunity setup. Get that product or service in front of as many people who are interested as possible. Period. Where most lose is achieving this goal. They are told to call all their friends and family and then ask them to give them names and numbers of friends and family. Here is the problem with that, most of these people do not want to own their own business or be a part of a mlm business opportunity. So they may join but then fizzle out later or do nothing for the business. Generating unlimited laser targeted leads to show your mlm business opportunity to is the key to success and the number one system to do that is Biz Builder University.

Seth Alexander

Who is Le-vel?

le-velThe Brand and Global Awareness

The creation of the Le-Vel brand carries the implication of creating a global awareness of how to build and maintain a better lifestyle. Albeit, their product line is set to the highest standards and the company philosophy is to focus on following the footsteps of some of the worlds highly successful and well-known brands. How are they going to do this? It begins with first creating a product line that is worthy of the name they call it. Additionally, in order to ensure its success, only the best and purest ingredients must go into it.

The drive to build a brand begins, as with anything else, by having a strong base. The base for Le-Vel is THRIVE. This is their first product, which is soon to be part of a large family of future products that will carry on with the same standard of high quality and purity of their ingredients. The brand is for those who wish to lead a premium lifestyle, which makes the Le-Vel vision surpass other companies that only focus on the products they offer.

With Le-Vel, it is the Experience that Counts

Success lies in their ability to improve the lives of those who have discovered the benefits of using their products. Accordingly, it is called the Thrive Experience for a reason. Once an individual begins a program, there are immediate indications that things have changed. Through regaining and improving cognitive functioning, improved digestion, reduced joint discomfort, and sustained energy levels. Le-Vel puts it this way,

“THRIVE by Le-Vel is something that’s hard to explain, and challenging to describe… it’s something that can only be experienced.”

Other benefits are building a strong immune system and an increased metabolism, which means greater control of weight gain or loss. Furthermore, if an individual is inclined to regular physical workouts this product helps to build lean muscle and reduce the chance of inflammation caused by overwork. As part of the experience that they offer, there is a program that allows individuals to become a distributor. This aspect provides an opportunity to, not just improve their own health and well-being, but also to help others help themselves.

The Benefits of an Improved Lifestyle

Becoming a distributor is an opportunity that will benefit the individuals that choose this path. Le-Vel offers the most pioneering and uncompromising compensation schedules devised in the business. This means that they pay a higher commission than other MLM companies because of how they are structured. The corporate structure is cloud based, which allows them to operate with minimal overhead which allows them to invest in premium ingredients and payout higher rewards. This translates into improving the financial capabilities of their promoters.

Besides the financial perks, the greatest benefit is living a healthy life, pain free with higher energy levels that the natural herbs in the Thrive Experience packages provide. The Le-Vel brand is growing to become well known and respected throughout the health and wellness industry.

Succeeding with Le-Vel

As with any network marketing company there is one downfall that almost all distributors will face is a lack of leads. Once their warm market is used up and there are no more connections to talk to they literally will have to start talking to strangers. There is a solution though, Biz Builder University will not only teach you everything you need to know to generate laser targeted leads and explode your business but provide all the tools you need as well. There may be a few ways to succeed with Le-Vel but by far the easiest is going to be having a stream of people beating down your door wanting to join your team.

Seth Alexander

Hidden Aspects of Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed

internet marketing secretsInternet Marketing Secrets: The Attraction Factor

No this is not about how to pick up Women or how to pick up Men. Although the same mind set goes into designing a marketing campaign, which of course includes the following internet marketing secrets. As with any commercial or advertisement, marketing is the method with which to get the message to the consumer. As we have discussed in other articles, marketing is a system of putting knowledge to work in an advertising format that attracts potential customers through building an interest and desire that will compel them to buy.

If you’ve had experience with any type of marketing, then you understand that the basic idea is to create an attraction through identifying or creating a need. The next step is to create value and then to paint a picture on how life is less fulfilling without the product or service. Theses are two of the many internet marketing secrets that are used for all marketing endeavors, meaning both on and off of the internet. In fact, landing pages are where and how the internet marketer collects their list of potential buyers. However, the marketing secret is to use language, on a given landing page, that creates the need and the visualization of what life would be like without the given product or service.

Internet Marketing Secrets: Make a Compelling Statement

This is accomplished by focusing the message on what the customer is looking for, (the need or want), and building value around the benefits experienced through having the product or using the service offered. Customer reviews are a great way to accomplish this in addition to testimonials. These are the principle aspects for creating attention, interest, desire, and finally action. The first three make up the attraction factor while the last one, action, adds to the traffic generation. This because without the first three there will be no action taken, i.e. site visitation.
This is also the sole purpose of a landing page. This is where the internet marketer captures the attention of the prospect and begins to build desire through interesting and compelling statements that create further interest and desire in the product or service offered.

Internet Marketing Secrets: Traffic Generation

Traffic or visitors to a website are how online businesses earn money. Without customers, internet marketers would not sell anything. Consequently, we find that one of the biggest internet marketing secrets is how to obtain traffic/lead generation. This is because there are a few different methods to do this that actually work and are realistic in their outcomes.

One is to advertise anywhere and everywhere you can. This means using the internet and printed materials. It is wise to utilize all methods available to reach potential buyers. This means using free and paid classified posting boards, forums, email, and so on. Part of this process with respect to the internet is search engine optimization. When done correctly, this drives traffic to a given website. All of these aspects discussed here are applicable to marketing overall with one exception, which is search engine optimization.

Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed

I have benefited from learning all of the internet marketing secrets from the top marketing experts in the industry and you can too. Best of all you can learn from six and seven figure earners for free weekly on the MLSP Weekly Marketing Webinars. However, if you are serious about learning internet marketing secrets you have to check out the business university and join me in creating the life you have always wanted.

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Internet Marketing Course Overview

internet marketing courseFinding what internet marketing course works

Marketing is all about doing your due diligence and research first and foremost. This means researching for a target audience and the competition that is germane to the given product and or service that is being marketed. Not all marketing courses are equal, as this is a common factor realized among education facilities everywhere. However, finding a given course on any subject, and how good the course may be is purely relative to the individuals that attend.

That stated, we could then look at the first step in finding an internet marketing course, which is asking our self what exactly do we wish to walk away with after completing the course? Additionally, what kind of internet marketing is it that we want to do? There are a few different types as follows:

  • Referral
  • Email
  • Social Media

To name a few, do not be mislead, however, the above mentioned may be combined into a single campaign or used singularly. The crux of the matter is deciding on what you want to market and how.

What to look for and expect in an Internet Marketing Course

We need to look at a given internet marketing course and see if it offers a method for analyzing what you have, such as your website, and your competition. At the same time, inclusion of instruction on how to design an effective and dynamic website that delivers your message. Part of the delivery of enabling a top-notch website is search engine optimization, which is the key ingredient to successful internet marketing.

The reason for this is, by knowing what people are looking for first, information taken from your research, you can then optimize your website accordingly. This optimization takes place by strategically planting a keyword/phrase on your landing/home page so it will show up in the top pages in the search results thus increasing traffic to your site. Another important aspect is if the internet-marketing course explains how creating links between similar sites and articles to your website are beneficial and how adding your site URL to search engine registries adds to the ranking of your site.

Newsgroups, Forums, and Chat rooms

In any respect, an internet marketing course should point out the importance of how forums, chat rooms, and newsgroups help with marketing. However, in these three areas of the internet marketing scheme, there are rules to follow that apply to how often and what type of ads are allowable through these mediums. In this same instance when working with any of these, use an email address that points to your website, such as, [email protected] and use the link to your site as part of your online signature i.e. a banner ad for example.

In the end, an internet-marketing course should contain all of the aforementioned elements to include an explanation of what PPC, search engine marketing, content marketing, and native marketing are. Marketing as a whole is an easy concept, yet it is also heavily driven by a depth of research, experimentation, and the desire to succeed.

The internet marketing course I use every day

I have spent thousands of dollars on every type of internet marketing course there is and I have come to a singular conclusion. The best internet marketing course and the only one worth spending my time on is Biz Builder University. There is absolutely no other internet marketing course like it on the web. This is the program that I use every day to learn and build my business online. I have learned from multiple 7 figure earners and have multiplied my knowledge more than I ever could have expected in the years since I have been a member. The best part is there is no risk to try it out. Either learn from the best or continue to wonder what it is like to be at the top. Join me in using the number one online internet marketing course.

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Four Things to know about Targeted Internet Marketing

targeted internet marketingSegmentation in targeted internet marketing

One of the first things all marketers need to understand is whom they want to sell their product/service to. This applies to all aspects of any type of business whether it is strictly online, or both, a brick and mortar mom and pop store with an internet presence. Nevertheless, determining a targeted internet marketing strategy that a business wants to use is part of this process before any campaign begins. There are two different ways to approach this. One way is to adopt a multi-segment or broad social group while the other is to concentrate on a specific social group i.e. a specific age, race or gender.

Positioning in targeted internet marketing

Once a business finds the focus of their targeted internet marketing strategy the next step is to discern their strategy for the position within the segment of the this particular part of the market. What this means is that a business designs their targeted internet marketing campaign to occupy a specific and distinctive place in the minds of their targeted audience. This concept when applied properly results in a value proposition that is market-focused. One example may be women’s hair dye positioned as having an easier application process when compared to other known brands.

Approaching in targeted internet marketing

The approach is where a business determines the following aspects of their targeted internet marketing campaign. They do so by first understanding their own weaknesses and strengths of their organization. There are a few methodologies that may apply, depending on the chosen strategies. One such method is market aggregation/undifferentiated where the focus of an internet marketing campaign is targeted, as mentioned above, at a broad spectrum of the social makeup of the market place.

This means that the business wants to reach as many people as possible, thus viewing the market as homogeneous. This works when, and if a product/service has a proven universal appeal. Otherwise, this type of marketing, targeting a broad audience on the internet, may turn into a risky proposition.

Reaching the Consumer in targeted internet marketing

Considering the above information, there is one aspect where the research needed for targeted internet marketing takes knowing and understanding how potential customers shop online. An example of this may be that a person is searching for a Black Silk Kung Fu uniform. The key phrase/word becomes “Black Silk Kung Fu uniform” or any combination of this phrase, such as, uniforms kung fu, black silk uniform for kung fu, kung fu black silk uniform for example. Thus, knowing online consumer behavior provides the insight into the type of strategy a business wants to use.

This makes understanding consumer behavior into an integral part, which translates, into the ability for targeting a specific segment. When this happens, having a targeted internet marketing campaign that utilizes these specific keywords/phrases helps to drive traffic to the business webpage. There are various tools that can provide insight into what consumers use in their searches that can provide an overall map of their online shopping habits, setting the stage for a targeted internet marking campaign.

You too can do targeted internet marketing

One of the best targeted marketing strategies is to use blog posts to generate leads. Blog posts can be written to target specific niche markets. These niche blog posts when promoted properly will generate a flow of traffic of people looking for the information that a person is supplying. Then through utilizing lead capture pages this targeted internet marketing tactic can create a flow of new leads to a business. There is only one resource online that I can recommend without hesitation to anyone who is looking to do targeted internet marketing and that is the My Lead System Pro University designed from the ground up to teach anyone how to generate leads online.

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