Keyword Research: Your Internet Marketing Plan

keyword researchKeyword research should definitely be a part of your internet marketing strategy if you’re serious about making money online. To successfully market online you have to know what other people are doing. This can be accomplished in part through keyword research. If article marketing or blogging are going to be a big part of your internet marketing plan then keyword research will be integral in being successful over the course of your career. Knowing where you sit in the competitive matrix that is the search engine rankings and choosing appropriate keywords to target can make or break your business.

What is Keyword Search?

Keyword research in my own words is learning what the general public is searching for, what sites are ranking for those specific search terms and why those sites are ranking for those keywords. Then targeting specific keywords based on competition and trying to rank higher in the search engine results for that specific keyword.

Is Keyword Research Really That Important?

Quick answer, YES! Long answer, DEFINITELY YES! Okay, so you know I think keyword research is important. The reason I believe it is so important is because organic search is still the most powerful source of traffic a person can learn to receive. It’s literally free traffic. With the knowledge of how many people search a specific keyword per month, the additional info of the percentage of people that click certain search results rankings, and the knowledge of your page’s conversion rate (if applicable), means that you can mathematically figure out how many new leads you will receive per month from each targeted page.

Now how to do keyword research is highly debated across the internet. Some people live and die by the Google Keyword Tool. While others swear by third party tools like Market Samurai. I personally use both of the aforementioned tools although, I know many people who use only one of them, or neither and some other tool. The key is to get accurate data and the data that YOU need. You also need to remember that each tool has a specific reason for being in existence. Google wants to sell ads and it’s information is displayed in a way that is most usable for advertisers.

Now luckily for you I’m going to give up some more free info. Some info that will truly help you in your keyword research goals. This free Keyword Research Secret training is 2 hours of massive value. If I tried to describe everything you’ll learn in this free training I’d be writing for a very long time. So here’s a couple quick bullets:

  • A free keyword research tool that lets you know if you’ll make money with a keyword before you start marketing.
  • Watch as this guy picks keywords that consistently have him bringing in 100+ leads per day for free and automatically.
  • How your competition truly has nothing to do with getting ranked for a specific keyword.
  • The #1 mistake almost all marketers make that ensure they will never rank on page 1 in Google.

You’ll learn that and SO MUCH MORE.

Once you’ve taken in all the information in that free 2 hour training I highly suggest you also check out Predatory SEO for a quick and dirty free 15 minute training. Learn how to take those keyword research skills and apply them right now. Truly dominate when you’re in control of your own destiny. When you’re the predator and SEO is your tool.

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Seth Alexander

Best Internet Marketing Strategies

best internet marketing strategiesMany people wonder what are the best internet marketing strategies for their business. This is a complex and confusing question for most. Internet marketing is a complex and continually evolving discipline. In addition, the people who hold the keys, such as Google, never completely clue in the public as to how they work. This causes constant debate on what the best internet marketing strategies are.

Every type of internet marketing has its own pros and cons. Also, every strategy can be adapted to the stage of internet marketing knowledge a person has. Some popular and often debates best internet marketing strategies are:

  • Email Marketing
  • Online PR
  • Link Building
  • Organic Search
  • Analytics
  • Paid Search
  • Social Networks
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Pay Per Click

This is by no means an exhaustive list but a good representation of what is out there. I know when I first started marketing online I suffered from what has been dubbed “shiny object syndrome” and “information overload”. A lot of people do. I wanted to be the best at everything so I could make the most money using a ton of different strategies at the same time. The thing is, it’s hard to be the best at everything. I ended up being mediocre at a lot of things. It took me a long time to realize that I needed to master one strategy. Be earning consistently and what I wanted from it then move on to the next.

My Two Best Internet Marketing Strategies

Likewise, there is no way to know what will happen tomorrow with the internet. It is always changing. What Google or Bing thinks makes a link relevant today and has your site ranking high could change tomorrow. A keyword could become hyper competitive and your Pay Per Click marketing campaign may become to expensive to warrant continuing. There is one thing that is consistent though. That’s leads. Having a way to generate ten, fifty, one hundred laser targeted leads per day is an extremely powerful thing. It is the past, present, and future of internet marketing. If you want to have a sustainable business online you have to be constantly generating leads and converting those leads into sales. The Biz Builder Academy does just that. Something I wish I had when I was just starting out. This thing is dope. It’s so structured that if I had just followed along step by step I would have rocketed my internet marketing career when I started. I truly think it is one of the best internet marketing strategies available right now.

One of the hottest internet marketing tips and trends right now and what some consider to be the future if not right now of internet marketing is social sharing. That is, Facebook Likes and Share, Twitter Tweets, Google +1’s, Pinterest Pins, etc… Right now it looks like the best internet marketing strategies are all surrounding social networks and how they do two things. One, they spread the word of your product/service and thus bring in business. Two, every share is a backlink to your site thus increasing the ranking in the search engines. Now I truly believe having your own email list by generating leads is here to stay. However, being on the cusp of what is hot now will only help. This free 95 minute webinar on The Future of Internet Marketing  will show you everything you need to know about how to generate 2,500+ shares, retweets, comments, and likes on every piece of content you make. All on auto-pilot.

When it comes to what the best marketing strategy is there is no real winner. However, these are a few of the best internet marketing strategies in my opinion and trust me when I say I have tried a lot! Web marketing strategies will never be a 100% science, although, I think there are systems that can be followed that will greatly increase the rate of success a person has. The main one I have to recommend is the Biz Builder Academy. It truly is that good.

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Rippln Review: What You Need To Know

rippln review

So what will you learn in this Rippln review?

I will tell you all about this new phenomenom that is sweeping the internet right now called Rippln in thie Rippln review. It is currently in a prelaunch mode and I can only share some information as I have signed a NDA (non disclosure agreement) with Rippln. However, I have five (yes only 5) invites that I can use to give others a behind the scenes look at what Rippln is and how it’s going to change the marketplace. You will also be required to sign a NDA but trust me, it’s worth it!

Mobile apps are basically taking over the world right now. Rippln is a new mobile app. Almost every company has their own app now to interact directly with their customers. People can even create their own apps relatively easily now with free online tools.

In addition, social media has already taken over most of our lives. We use it daily to interact, stay in touch with, and update our friends, family, coworkers and others. We use it for business and pleasure. There is no denying that social media has become an integral part of society today. It’s just a way of life right now.

Rippln Review: Cashing in on the Social Media and Mobile App crazes

Imagine this…

What if you were one of the first in on these mobile apps and social media platforms and had a way of cashing in on them?

Facebook – 1+ billion active users
Twitter – 200+ million active users
LinkedIn – 200+ million active users
Angry Birds – 200+ million active users
InstaGram – 90+ million active users
Pinterest – 85+ million active users
Google+ – 65+ million active users

If you could have been paid a tiny percentage just for sharing the app and platform to others and getting them to use it for free. This is the basis of Rippln and what I want you to get from this Rippln review. Think about it. You can truly get paid to do what you are already doing on a daily basis. That’s using mobile apps and social media to interact with people in your sphere of influence.

Rippln Review: What is Rippln?

From the official Rippln site:

The Rippln app brings long-overdue transparency to the social engagement business and has created a new monetary model for “eyeball acquisition”. With Rippln, people will finally be able to see the impact of their social graph on the market and have the chance to profit from it. This transparency is important because in recent years huge companies and apps have relied on users’ social influence to grow their companies by one person telling another person. Until Rippln, that influence had never been disclosed, although it is clearly valuable. Once users are put into the profit equation, there may be no going back.

That’s about all I can tell you about that in this Rippln review although I know more.

Rippln Review: Compensation Plan

I can’t disclose about the compensation plan in this Rippln review as I have signed a NDA. I can tell you though that it’s a MONSTER and has some game changing features that are really exciting.

The best part about this prelaunch though is you can get all the same info I have if you get an invite code. You know what, I have 5 invite codes! Yes 5, so be quick and I can get you one. Just e-mail me at [email protected] with your full name, e-mail address and mobile phone number including country code (if you’re in the US it’s just 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX) and I can get your invite out to you. I have only received one automated text from the system with my invite code and I believe they’re using that as a form of verification.

Here’s a quick 2:24 video that explains as much as it can without you signing the NDA.

Any questions leave them in the comments. I hope you enjoyed this Rippln review and choose to join me in this fun game!

Seth Alexander

Faster Site Loads via CloudFlare

cloudflareSo from now on this site should load A LOT faster thanks to CloudFlare. Like 60%+ faster and that’s just right now. I recently started using CloudFlare and I highly suggest them to anyone who runs a website. I also have been optimizing and changing some options around in the backend. If you noticed that I haven’t posted for a while it’s partly because of this. My server was compromised and some malicious code was injected into my sites. I had to backup and completely rebuild the site from scratch.

One positive of this is that I had the chance to remove some and install some things better than the first time. I have learned a lot since I originally put this site online and now you should benefit from it. Be on the lookout for another product launch coming soon as well as a lot more blog posts as I delve into the world or article marketing.

Take this as a short CloudFlare review and remember the best part, CloudFlare is free for a single site account!