10 Supercharged Attention Grabbing Headlines for Your Blog Posts

Have you ever struggled thinking of a catchy headline for your blog post? I know I have. Whether it’s your own post or a guest post you are writing, the content can sometimes be easier than writing the title. For me, I often change the title numerous times before I actually publish the article.

It’s important to try and get the title right because it can be the deciding factor between a visitor to your site reading your post or clicking the back button. The content might be fantastic but if the title doesn’t grab them and draw them in, then they are never going to read all that fantastic content that you have spent hours writing.

Plus, when someone has searched for a topic in Google, and your post is sitting on page 1 in the midst of all the other posts, what is it that is going to make your article stand out from all the others?  Well,  it’s the attention grabbing title that is going to entice readers to come to your site?

Let’s put it this way, which of the following articles would you be more likely to read?

The Disadvantages of Drinking Coffee

Warning…Coffee May Be Dangerous to Your Health
Or what about this one?


7 Surefire Ways to Make Money Online Fast
And this one?


Read Why this is Rated the #1 Cordless Drill

The 3 Golden Rules for Writing Blog Post Headlines

Okay, maybe they aren’t golden rules but I just wanted to get another catchy headline in this post. Still, these are important to remember when writing blog post titles:

Keep the title short but simple – You really want to try and keep it under 10 words but if it makes sense to go longer then go for it.
Ensure the title matches the content – It’s all very well trying to write a catchy title but if the content has nothing to do with the title then your visitors aren’t going to bother reading anything else on your site.
Keywords – Yes, keywords are still important so try and get a keyword or two in the title if possible. Just don’t overdo. Personally I prefer to write the title first without even thinking of keywords and only then do I think about trying to get a keyword in, but only if it sounds completely natural.

10 Attention Grabbing Headlines

Let’s take a look at some blog post titles that will grab your readers attention.

1. The Secrets of…

Starting a headline with the words “The Secrets of…” can’t help but grab someones attention.

Eg. Secrets of Making Money FastEg. The 7 Secrets of Making the Perfect Cup of Coffee

2. Did you know…?

Getting your readers curiosity peaked can entice them to read further, although you have to be careful that you don’t give away too much in the title.

Eg. Did You Know that Coffee is Actually Good for Your Health?Eg. Did You Know that 70 People Die Each Year from Shark Attacks?

3. Warning signs…

This one is always a good one for health articles but it can work for just about any niche.

Eg. 5 Warnings Signs That You Might Be Going DeafEg. 10 Warnings Signs That You Might Be Addicted to Coffee

4. How to instantly transform…

This sort of headline implies to the reader that if they read on, their problem (whatever that might be) will be solved quickly, and who doesn’t want that?

Eg. How to Instantly Transform Your Blog into an Authority SiteEg. How to Instantly Transform Your Life in 52 Easy Steps

5. Is it worth it?…

This headline can often work well for review sites. People don’t want to have to do the research and this sort of title implies that you have done the research for them.

Eg. Is Signing Up to Google Plus Worth it?Eg. Is Buying a $600 Coffee Maker Worth the Price?

6. Five minutes, 24 hours, 30 days…

This type of title just about always works. It lets the reader know that their problem can be solved in whatever time period you set.

Eg. 30 Days to a Healthier YouEg. The 5 Minute Plan to Changing Your Life

7. Should you be worried…?

Using fear and uncertainty can be a good way to grab your readers.

Eg. Should You Be Worried about 2012?Eg. Should You Be Worried about Drinking Too Much Coffee?

8. The World’s Best…

This can work well for a review site. I mean, who doesn’t want to know which is the best of the best.

Eg. The World’s Best Sports Cars and Where to Find ThemEg. The World’s Best Travel Destinations

9. Complete guide to…

This one is  definitely a winner, however you have to back it up with good solid content. You really can’t write a complete guide to anything in under 500 words.

Eg. The Complete Guide to Making the Ultimate Cup of CoffeeEg. The Complete Step-by-Step Plan to Building a Better Blog

10. Sure-fire Ways to…

This is a favorite of mine. It implies certainty to the reader and works really well for any niche.

Eg. 10 Sure Fire Ways to Meet a Movie StarEg. 7 Sure Fire Ways to Get a GirlfriendEg. 5 Sure Fire Ways to Choose a Cordless Drill